Table tops, gifts, caterers, flowers, favors... a few of our favorite things! Let us help you with a theme, create an atmosphere and execute it all in style. Memorable parties and events are our goal. We think outside the box while making sure you get the event you have dreamed of hosting. Have your guests talking long after the music stops about your fun event!


“Lilac and Lemons is amazing at party planning, special events, fund raising, and special gifts. Amy and Karen are two very talented, creative, and wonderful people to work with, who both have extensive personal, professional, and corporate/charity event coordination work. They will help take your vision or concept to the next level, and make it a truly magical experience. You will be glad that you have them on your team, as an integral part of your special event. If you want to make a good event a great event; please give Lilac & Lemons a call!!”

Brighton Bacchus

“Everything is so gorgeous and amazingly put together.Very elegant, some are warm and sweet.”

Joy Andleman

“Lilac and Lemons will give you customized elegance to your taste.”

Patty Chan

“Amy approaches her tabletop design with great imagination, an eye for style and skillful use of color. Though she has a love of tabletop that gives mine a run for my money, her patience with every detail sets her apart from the rest.

She doesn't take over, but comes alongside with brilliant, colorful ideas and turns it into a truly memorable event. She hosted my book launch, years ago, and to date it is one of my most favorite memories ever. There will never be words to describe how thankful I am that she did that for me, nor how thankful I am that she is my dear friend!

My favorite part about at one of Amy's gatherings, is they can be small or large, but she makes you feel truly welcome and special! She will often put little quotes on your place setting with a name card, on some fabulous little item. Recently, she did a gorgeous red table with hearts on it and gave us all little bibles with a handmade cover that she did herself!

I'm going to think of some event soon, so she and Karen can plan it....let's see...what should I do?”

Roxanne Packham Designs, author, blogger

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